The CAS-group is part of the department ELIS at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Ghent.
Research in the CAS-group is on analog IC design in CMOS, more specifically on high precision and/or high speed analog to digital convertors.
The most important research topics are pipeline circuits, continuous-time sigma-delta techniques and low-power bandpass sigma delta modulators. Class-D amplifiers are also in the field of interest.
Details can be found in our publications (search on the autor's name).
The CAS-group has a considerable expertise on advanced sensor systems, and more specifically on high-precision micro-electromechanical (MEMS) inertial sensors. These sensors can be used to measure accelerations (accelerometers) and rotation speeds (gyroscopes).
This research is with academic as well as and industrial partners.
The CAS-group has a considerable expertise with teaching at the academic level in the field of electronics with basic as well as with specialized courses. Building on this experience, first steps were taken to develop a special-purpose e-learning tool and to integrate it in a basic course on electronic circuits.
The CAS-group also proposes subjects for masters thesis on analog chip-design in CMOS.

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